Welcome! Bienvenue les amis



So I have just had an unexpectedly really poor evening which has put me in a miserable mood. I know what you must be thinking: what a lovely opening sentence to a new blog. But this is how this blog is going to be. It is going to be unexpected and random. Why? Because I don’t even quite understand why I am going from being someone who has been scared of writing most of my life to opening an online, public accessed blog.

Let me try to start this again, slightly better this time.


My name is Camille. I am a communications and law student who has just completed her second year uni exams and is thrilled to embark on what I hope is going to be an exciting summer.

The reason why I am starting this blog is because while studying a subject called ‘media writing and production’ last semester at uni it occurred to me that I simply COULD NOT WRITE. Well I am kind of lying here. Of course I can physically write on a piece of paper but I mean I am not good at creative writing. I struggled so much to write a simple 1000 word creative writing piece for an assignment because I underestimated myself. I tried to copy everyone else’s style because I thought that it is always better than mine. The end result was not a pretty one. So… I thought that this summer I should be a bit more proactive and try to simply keep a blog to get the writing side of my brain exercising a bit!

 Let’s have a bit of fun and see where this takes me!

In accessing my blog you will be exposed to:

  • Personal stories about how I feel
  • My thoughts on varying topics
  • Advice
  • Recipes (because I secretly love cooking and discovering novel food, especially healthy meals for summertime… YUM YUM)
  • Occasional fitness and wellbeing tips
  • Lovely inspirational photos!
  • My travel journal

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