Breakfast with a hint of Christmas spirit

My mother bought me such cute little Christmas cookies (she is such an angel)! When I saw them on the kitchen bench this morning it put me in such a good mood. I decided to take my time to prepare a yummy nutritious breakfast for a busy day of work ahead. 

The juice was very easy to make. I used two oranges (peeled), 1/4 of lemon (peeled) and some kale which I put through a juicer. 

I then cut up half a banana and apple which I sprinkled with linseed meal and my home made granola. I also had some plain yogurt with a tiny bit of maple syrup which was delicious to mix with the fruits and granola. 

Note: see ‘Grumbling tummy… hungry for some homemade granola’ post from December 3rd in ‘Food’ section of my blog for granola recipe)




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