Blueberry cocktail

Here are some images of a really yummy juice which I made as part of my 5-Day Vegan Cleanse. For the full recipe head to:

I did not have all the ingredients required to make the proper juice as from the cleanse program so I tweaked it a little bit. The ingredients which I used include: celery, cucumber, blueberries, ginger, apple, coconut water and a little bit of ice.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


5 thoughts on “Blueberry cocktail

  1. I did the cleanse too! I accidentally juiced the blueberries in the juice instead of mixing them afterwards so it wasn’t as tasty or pretty as yours :( hope you saw some good success!

      • I finished it! I actually posted a review on my blog :) I felt really great, but I would have switched up some of the recipes that I just didn’t like. How do you feel?!

      • I finished it as well and felt great after! The cleanse gave me a lot of inspiration in terms of smoothies and salads especially. I love your review of the cleanse! I’ve definitely incorporated the recipes from the cleanse to my daily cooking :) I now have a green smoothie almost every morning and I love it. However, I do like a bit of fish or meat occasionally!

      • That’s awesome!! It’s such a wonderful feeling to complete something like that, right? Thanks :) I’ve also started incorporating her recipes, but I’m a fish/meat eater too, so I’m just trying to balance it. I love adding in juices and smoothies though! Let me know what other recipes you find that you recommend trying!

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