The Byron Surfer – insight into the power of yoga and mediation.


I met one of the coolest guys today. At first sight, he looked like a typical Byron Bay surfer but this person was far from ordinary. I didn’t chat to him for very long but our conversation really stuck with me. I am not too sure how we came to have a rather deep conversation about yoga and wellness but we did… and it was great.

In the past year or so, and particularly recently, I have started to place a lot more importance on looking after myself by eating right and exercising well. As part of this, I began to really enjoy doing yoga and was introduced to meditation. I realized that yoga can do so much more than merely make your body feel better through stretches and different poses. Yoga and especially mediation can make you feel good through their effect on the MIND.

Talking to the Byron Bay surfer today very much exemplified this philosophy to me (I never actually caught his name hence why I am referring to him in this way). Without going too much into details, he suffered from cancer as he had a tumor in his stomach. Surfer boy underwent two sets of chemo-therapy treatments but sadly they did not help much. He felt like chemo-therapy was not the way to cure his illness so he took the decision to travel to India for six months. As part of his trip he did a great deal of mediation and yoga and, most importantly, he fasted for 26 days. He explained that his meditation sessions went for 3 to 4 hours. What is incredible is that this combination of practicing yoga and mediation as well as fasting actually CURED HIM.

When I heard this story I was stupefied. It seems that the power of mediation and simply taking care of your body through natural remedies can overpower advanced medical treatments. For this New Year I have set myself a few resolutions. One of them is to try to incorporate yoga and meditation more often during my weekly routines. Even if sometimes I can be very busy, simply taking 15-30 minutes out of my day to stretch, meditate and relax will undoubtedly assist my body and mind. I’ve already noticed the benefits of just taking some time to just focus on my breath and center myself during my yoga classes. Even if it does not last long, the benefits are long lasting for sure. I encourage you to do the same :)


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2 thoughts on “The Byron Surfer – insight into the power of yoga and mediation.

  1. So true Camille. In addition try Chinese herbal medicine. In addition to other things I believe it was a major contributing factor in to the reliever of my 9 year autoimmune illness. The poet of the body and mind is incredible and it’s relationship – unlike suggested in western medicine – is completely in sync as one xx

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