Afternoon snack idea

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Good afternoon!

This morning I went to one of the hardest gym classes I have ever done! Let’s face it though, one of the reasons for which I found it so difficult is probably because I am rather unfit due to my recent trip where I did not get the opportunity to train very much!! But that’s all good :) It’s kind of fun to push myself again and try to get fitter and eat healthier ;) Afterwards I went straight to uni where I had a very busy day.

Does anyone else feel that when they come home around 4-5pm from uni it’s often a time when you want a good snack? I certainly feel that way! Especially when I haven’t stopped moving the whole day. But the thing is you don’t want to fill up too much before dinner and you want to avoid grabbing an ice-cream, cookies or anything that is not quite the best for you when you have just worked your butt off at a gym class that morning!

I have the perfect answer to your question :) This snack will definitely satisfy your hunger and give you that extra boost of energy that you need to get back to your readings before having dinner, without making you feel guilty or fill you up too much.

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– One piece of organic spelt & muesli crisp bread

(Note: I found these on the weekend at Harris Farm and I fell in love with them! They are rectangular thick crackers kind of things from the brand called Dr. Karg). I’m pretty sure you can find them from most supermarkets or in health stores/health aisles of supermarkets. Otherwise I also found a few websites where you can purchase them online: Organic Buyers Group  and The Happy Apple Greengrocer.)

– Peanut butter (preferably organic and with no added sugar or salt!)

– Chocolate buckinis

(Note: I used the brand LovingEarth’s new ‘Chocolate Buckinis – Activated and Raw Organic’ which is just a fabulous snack for those chocoholics like me. You can purchase it from health stores which stock LovingEarth products or you can also buy it online through the LovingEarth website. Warning: they are so addictive!!!)

– Coconut flakes

– Goji berries

– Roasted almonds

– Blueberries


Simply spread a bit of peanut butter on the slice of crisp bread (or any other nut butter like almond butter for example) and then sprinkle some chocolate buckinis and a few coconut flakes on top. You can then play around by adding goji berries or blueberries as you are eating your crisp bread.


If you’re not as hungry as I was and want a lighter snack then eliminate the crisp bread and just munch on a few almonds, goji berries and blueberries – they form such a good combination! You can also add banana to the crisp bread or you can use banana instead of the crisp bread. It is one of these snacks where you can let your imagination give you different inspirations.



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