The Gift of Loving

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I am finally on summer vacation!! Hoorayyy! Not only does that mean more sunshine, it also means more time for blogging :) Yes, I must admit that Uni really did creep up on me last semester so I gave my blog a bit of a break but now I am back on!

So today I would like to write about ‘the gift of loving’. So… what do I mean by that?

Well, you see, the past few weeks have been very busy for my family and I. While end of semester exams completely drowned me with uni work, my parents have been incredibly occupied with their respective businesses. Everyone goes through really busy periods like these. Times where we have so much on that we can start to feel a bit lost and overwhelmed. We become so busy that we are afraid to stop working on what it is we are trying to achieve because we feel guilty for taking ‘time off’.

This is where things can go wrong (and this is where my blog post comes in).

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I have come to understand that it is precisely during these busy times that we need to take a moment to reflect and breathe. It is actually crucial for us to do that and, in my opinion, it is the key to success. Don’t get me wrong here, I am NOT a professional in that domain, I am actually very much a learner still. Nevertheless, I can talk from my experiences and I’d love to share some of my sentiments with you. Everyone is different and I cannot prescribe the perfect ‘breather’ solution to remedy the risk of overloading during busy times, however, I can provide some ideas.

For example, I like to take a moment to simply think about what I am grateful for. I do that on the bus, when I wake up, before going to sleep or whenever I get a moment to myself. I acknowledge all the simple little things that make me happy. This is something I learnt from a yoga class. I often reflect upon the way I am grateful for being in good health, for having a loving and caring family, for the place I live in, for the opportunity I have been given to study, etc. During difficult times it is easy to forget about all the things we are actually very grateful for. Simply reminding ourselves about them can go a long way.

I also like to take about 15 minutes to do a few stretches to relieve tension in my muscles which often intensify as a result of stress. I enjoy going for a walk or even a nice jog with my dog. I like turning off my computer and phone and just reading my book. There are so many little things like these which can give our mind a bit of a breather.

When I talk about to the ‘gift of loving’ I refer to the gift each one of us has, that is the ability to love. Love each other, love sensations that happen to us, love things that we see, love concepts and ideas, etc. I love giving small little gifts to the people I love. The other day I gave my parents a little desert each from a beautiful patisserie called Pattison’s. I felt that they needed some time to relax and enjoy a little treat as a reward for all the hard work they had put in the past few weeks. They were thrilled by the deserts and watching them happily talk about something other than work while tasting some beautiful chocolate mousse reminded me yet again that, yes, small things can certainly go a long way.

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So there you go, I encourage you to be grateful for the gift that each one of us has, that is simply, the ability to love. I encourage you to make use of such gift especially during the most busy times we all encounter because guess what? Once we do, everything seems a lot lighter and much more achievable.


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