Fancy a Fika?

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Friendly, Funky and Fresh. That is the three words I would use to describe my favourite Cafe in Manly: Fika Swedish Kitchen. Best known for nailing a good  coffee, Fika also nails a good feed. As a matter of fact, ‘fika’  translates to ‘taking a break for coffee and a bite to eat’ in Swedish and it does so perfectly. Hearty food,original menu options and a beautiful Scandinavian set up will leave you wanting to come back for more.


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This place has an incredibly friendly atmosphere. From the cheerful staff, the smiley, content customers to the inviting interior design (see photo above for cute ‘hej, hej’ sign at the counter), Fika has a perfect ambience to boost up your mood. The staff is attentive, well-informed and keen to answer any questions you may have regarding the sometimes atypical menu options.


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One notable feature of this cafe is its set up. The Scandinavian styled interior design is characterised by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. I am a big fan of the wooden furniture, simple yet very charming table setting and the calming colour palet of blue, white and yellow. To polish it all off, Fika has great tunes playing in the background. Puts a smile on my face every time!

But what makes Fika so funky is its ability to mix lollie bags with jugs of cider (and doing so harmoniously). I mean, have a look at the menu online and try to find something that doesn’t appeal to you. That’s right, what’s so cool about Fika is that, sitting at the one table, you could have:

  • Your mate indulging in a greasy Scandinavian inspired hot dog with a Pistonhead Custom Lager beer.
  • His girlfriend, a bit hungover, who has chosen a lighter option consisting of the ‘Refuel’ cold pressed juice (banana, filtered water, coconut, kale, spinach, pineapple, mango, lime, kiwi) accompanied by the Knäckebröd crispbread with free range egg and Kalles caviar.
  • Your little sister who has gone for the Swedish Breakfast Tray (fralla, muesli and natural yoghurt, boiled egg and orange juice), a Belgium hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll on the side (yep, she’s hungry).
  • And you have chosen ‘The Champion’ (sauteed forest mushrooms with horseradish cream & free range poached egg on sourdough) because you rock. And you thought, why not, I’ll have the Bryggkaffe Swedish brew coffee as well.

Honestly though, I haven’t even covered one tenth of the menu here. The portions are generous and the food is busting with flavour. There are also many affordable options with $10 weekly lunch special being a hit.


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I first heard of Fika Swedish Kitchen because of its popularity for nailing a good coffee. Being a foodie, I was attentive to the food and was thrilled with the quality of the meal brought to my table. You can hear and smell the food being prepared. I had the sensation that my grandma had just baked the fresh cinnamon rolls for me. Awesome stuff.

Ps: if you check out Fika on a Sunday you may be lucky enough to fall upon one of the infamous nutorious muffins :)

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