Two days ago I walked into a Tigerlily store and absolutely fell in love with the bikini and shorts featured above. I really splurged myself that day as I bought all of these items at once! Needless to say – it was most certainly worth it. 

High waisted shorts are in fashion this summer. I find them more flattering than low hip-waist shorts and you can often wear them casually during the day or wear them at night with nice accessories like a cute top, bag and high heels. 

One golden rule which my mum taught me about shopping is to always think about whether you have clothes at home which would go well with the outfit or piece of clothing you are wanting to buy. Carefully marrying two pieces of clothing is the key to crafting a beautiful outfit. For example, I would wear the shorts I bought with many different things like cropped tops coloured black, white, red, blue (and even possibly light yellow); leather red bag and silky black singlet at night, red sneakers and bikini top during the day, etc. 

Happy mixing!