Music That Makes You Smile

Go on, press play on the YouTube link above and listen to the song while reading this post. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Picture this: it’s Monday morning, you’ve just hopped on the bus bringing you to work or uni. You’re feeling pretty grim as you would much rather be in your bed enjoying a few extra hours of sleep right now but, unfortunately, you must face the busy week ahead. You decide to plug in your earphones, press shuffle and then ‘Jubel – Radio Edit‘ by Klingade comes on.

As the music starts you take a long breath, look around and observe the people around you. Listening to this song somehow makes you feel like you are in your own little bubble even though the bus is crowded and there is a lot of movement surrounding you. Soon enough, an uplifting saxophone melody comes on and you cannot help but pull a cheeky smile. A voice then sings ‘take me’… And off you go, you are now day-dreaming, reminiscing on happy moments from the weekend.

I cannot put my finger to what attracts me to this song in particular. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it is produced by Klingade, a French deep house duo. Or maybe it has to do with the prominent use of saxophone in this song which carries a fabulous charisma.

Either way, when I listen to ‘Jubel’ I get transported back to fun times that I have experienced recently. In particular, I think about one person who means a lot to me at the moment and who makes me smile a lot. I just love how one song can make you feel so good by simply listening to it!

It’s unbelievable to think about how much music can affect your mood. After listening to this song I always feel excited and ready to move. There are a few other songs which have the same affect on me. Here’s a list of some of them (be warned, there are some very corny songs in there – just embrace it!):

– Jubel – Radio Edit by Klingade

– A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

– You Make Me by Avicii

– Elevate by St. Lucia

– Hey Ya! – Radio Mix/Club Mix by Outcast

– Yellow Brick Road by Angus and Julia Stone

– Young Blood by The Naked And Famous

– Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

– DNA by Empire of the Sun

Most Memorable Memories from Falls



I have just spent what I could probably describe as the best week of my life. I have honestly had such an incredible time along side of three of my best girlfriends and many other people.

Us four headed off to Byron Bay for The Falls Music Festival. When we left Manly on January 29 I had little idea about what to expect. To be frank I was not expecting to have as much fun as I did.

Here is a reflection of my trip highlighting the best memories I have made. I wanted to make sure I wrote them down so that I would never forget them!


The drive up to Byron:

Characterised by loud girlie music with a fabulous cd compilation made by Ellen. During the long driving hours we spent time to talk about ourselves, the things we like and dislike and share memorable memories. We laughed so much that my abs started to hurt. Getting to know my friends better and getting even closer to them was really special to me. Each of us have something to bring to one another and we balance each other out to make a perfect little group of friends that simply have fun!

We spent our first night in a hostel called ‘The Plantation’ but which is known as ‘planto’ by the Coffs Harbour locals. Joined by some of our friends who were also driving up to Falls we had a great $8.50 special dinner and enjoyed our last night in a bed for a few days.

First day at Falls:
Setting up camp was really fun! I have to admit that we probably wouldn’t have managed if it weren’t for the boys who helped us set up our tent. In the end we had a great little set up which was awesome. The walk to the camp site after having parked our car was interesting though.. I was carrying so much stuff and was sweating so much. But we made it (and so did the alcohol we snuck in hehe).

Walking around Falls Festival stalls:

On our first night at falls we walked around the festival area and I loved looking around all the little stalls. There were some great clothes and my favourite food stalls were the coconut stall (where most mornings I drank coconut water and then ate the inside of the coconut mixed with berries and nuts) and the schnitzel stall!

Trip to Byron Bay Town:
The first official day of the festival didn’t have too much music that we wanted to see so we decided to go into town. The weather was incredible that day. Swimming in the sea felt amazing. The sea was surprisingly very still (not so characteristic of Byron). For a glimpse of time I felt like I was in Thailand. A big group of us were swimming together and I felt incredible happy that day! We then had outside showers by the beach where we shampooed our hair. We were getting funny looks from people but the feeling of being clean was overriding!


Unfortunately, NYE wasn’t actually my favourite night because I drank too much and so went back to my tent quite early in the evening. HOWEVER, two of my beautiful friends came to get me just before 12am and we ran to see ‘The Roots’ and enjoyed a three way kiss to celebrate the start of 2014! I felt very lucky to have such caring friends :)

Perched on a tree

This was one of my favourite days! Some of the highlights include watching Chet Faker from the top of a hill in the shade. Some people climbed up a tree to watch him from high up. It was such a chilled out and really cool atmosphere.

Sitting on top of the world!


Rufus was another highlight. Two friends and I managed to do a three person shoulder pyramid and I was at the top and felt absolutely incredible! Later on that night we watched Flight Facilities and my friend Kelsey and I stood on our friends’ shoulders which, again, was an incredible experience! One of the great things about Falls was the way everyone was incredibly friendly. For example I found the mosh pits pretty chilled out and not violent at all. Everyone was smiling and when we did our three way shoulder ‘pyramid’ everyone clapped which was so cute!

Playing games under our gazebo
Every day and night we all played games together like Kings or ‘What famous person am I’. We laughed very hard and got to know each other better. It also always put me in a great mood. After playing Kings I was ready to party.

Can I get an Amen?

Out of nowhere a few of us created a huge circle in the middle of a busy mosh pit. Everyone was in such a good mood and so many cool tricks were displayed. The best part was that I filmed it all. Such a cool experience! ‘Can I get an Amen?’ became a catch phrase during Falls!

Emu hands


I loved how we managed to stick together as a very big group. Our secret was to stick our hands up in the air and do ’emu talking hands’ to find each other. We always waited for each other which was very very cute I thought.

The Wombats in the rain
On the last night I watched the Wombats and it started to rain. I would stare up in the sky and watch some of the people who were sitting on shoulders and couldn’t help but smile. It was amazing!

Private DJ party outside our tent
Near our tent there was a big generator attached to a large light. Every night someone would play music very loud there and about 50 people (if not more) were dancing out there. It was so much fun! On the last night the generator suddenly let go so the music died. I started to sing ‘Bring It All Back’ by S Club 7 and then everyone joined and it became an ‘a capella’ party!

I’m like a bird I like to fly away


After having left Falls and spent the day in Byron we stumbled upon a really lovely beach and ran around on the sand in the wind and took photos. I felt so refreshed, free and happy!

Buddha bar
We spent our first night out of the festival at a really cool bar which we found by chance! We talked about the highs and lows of the trip (there were many more highs then were were lows). The food was really yummy and the bar brewed its own beer from Byron which was cool. One of the best things from this trip was the way my friends and I did some casual reflections at times which were very nice to do.

Four girls and one car

Yep the four of us actually slept in the boot of one car. It was probably one of the most uncomfortable sleeps of my life but somehow I will remember it as a fun experience. We were all very hot in the car and finally decided to open the windows. So Jen got out and turned on the car but at the same moment someone started to drive towards us so she literally commando rolled back into the car and closed the boot so fast (it is illegal to sleep in a car so we had to be subtle about it). We then could not stop laughing. We did end up getting the windows open later on (thankfully)! I just remember how Jen would randomly start laughing – I think that we were so tired and uncomfortable that we stared going a bit crazy.

Brunswick Heads
– After having walked around some really nice shops in Byron (especially a shop called ‘Spell’ and getting matching bracelets – a bit childish but still so cute and memorable) we headed to Brunswick Heads. It was a really cool beach as there were large pools of water along the sand which were so nice to lie in as it was so hot out there!

There it is! The list could continue on for a while but I figured I should stop now. Bottom line is: Falls I love you and I miss you already!

I wanna dance with somebody – Whitney Houston

To me this song will never get old. No matter what mood I am in, ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ will always put a smile on my face :)

I am not a dancer at all but, occasionally, my sister and I put music on very loud in the kitchen and start dancing like crazy. Sometimes we end up dancing for more than an hour and we become sweaty and so tired. We laugh so hard and simply feel amazing after letting out so much energy.

Go on… let loose and have a dance (you know you want to)