Peaceful sunday morning breakfast at Manly Wine


How great is the feeling of going out for breakfast?! I certainly LOVE getting up in the morning to go for a walk, take a good breath of fresh air and try different kinds of breakies. Let me introduce you to a really lovely place called ‘Manly Wine’. 

I discovered this place earlier on this year where I had a really lovely dinner styled by refreshing sangria and delicious unique food. The decor of this bar/restaurant definitely adds to the friendly, relaxed ambience which lightens up your mood as soon as you step foot into the place. The ‘booze this way –>’ sign (pointing to the bar) which is one of the first thing that reaches your attention as you enter reflects the style of the place. But don’t get me wrong, Manly Wine bar maintains a very high standard of service in the midst of such ‘chilled out’ atmosphere. 

What a surprise was it to discover the place was also open for breakfast! The busy night-time bar transforms itself to a lovely morning cafe. The rather simple and short menu caters for all morning cravings: granola, toast with range of toppings, coffees, etc. I absolutely loved my granola covered with yogurt and a yummy berry compote as well as a sneaky piece of toast with avocado and egg. With a view facing the sparkly blue water and joined by my sister, mum and friend Kelsey my morning was simply delightful. I would really recommend this place!

Here’s a link to their website if you’d like more information:







Above are some photos from a homemade breakfast prepared by my beautiful friend Kelsey and myself. We simply had strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and banana with some of the homemade buckwheat muesli I made (see ‘Rainy Day = Baking Day’ post from November 21st) . We added a little bit of granola muesli to add some sweetness. We then sprinkled linseed meal and covered the lot with natural unsweetened yogurt. As a lovely accompaniment to our muesli we had a refreshing green juice which comprised of a mixture of fresh pineapple, orange, apple, cucumber, kale, ginger and lime.

Only one word is required to describe this breakfast: YUMMM!