Downtown Kettle Town!

Attention tea-lovers. I have some fabulous news for you: it’s called Kettle Town.

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Kettle Town is a newly established tea business based in Sydney. What I love the most about Kettle Town is their diversity. Have a look at their tea collection online and you will be stunned by the the range of flavours available to order. Whether you are a traditional black tea lover, or you enjoy sipping on a herbal tea, or maybe you are more found of a fresh iced-tea on a hot summer day (my personal favourite) – either way, Kettle Town has got you covered.

But it doesn’t stop here. What attracted me to this tea brand so much is the quality of their ingredients combined with their beautiful packaging. The tea can be ordered online which is super easy for busy people and who doesn’t love receiving a cute package in their letter box once in a while? I certainly do! The tea is also stocked in a few places around sydney.

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Today I would like to focus on Kettle Town’s new iced-tea collection which particularly appeals to me because this is a cold brew range. I had the pleasure of trying the Eclectic Orange (orange, hibiscus, apple) and the Perfect Peach (oolong, peach, rose) flavours. Recipes containing suggestions of which fruit to add to each iced-tea are provided on Kettle Town’s website which is also really great!

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Cold brew tea is ridiculously easy to make. All you need is to follow these simple steps:

  • Add 4 teaspoons of loose tea in one litre of chilled filtered water in a pitcher.
  • Steep overnight in fridge.
  • Strain tea from water the next morning and serve on ice cubes and with added fruits if desired.

For instant tea:

  • Bring 250 ml water to boil.
  • Add 4 teaspoons of loose tea and steep for 5 minutes.
  • Strain leaves from hot water, add a cup full of ice cubes with 500 ml cold water then serve.

My thoughts on Kettle Town’s Iced-Tea?

I love it. I love the fresh, delicate tea leaves and ingredients which are used. I love the smell and taste of the tea. I love the convenience of being able to order the tea online. And finally, I love the way the tea allows one to make a completely refined sugar-free drink which is very tasty, refreshing and healthy!

Eclectic Orange

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This iced-tea is a light and tangy refreshing drink combining the eclectic flavours of orange, hibiscus and apple. Sipping on this cold drink is very refreshing and provides a beautiful alternative to unhealthy, sugary drinks. The iced-tea is best served with thin slices of lemon and orange along with a sprinkle of mint. I would suggest serving this tea around lunch time or for afternoon tea. Prepare a large jug as it is likely to be finished quickly!

Note: Kettle Town suggests adding a dash of good quality gin to this tea for entertainment. I haven’t had a chance to give it a try but that does sound very appealing!!

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Perfect Peach

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Perfect Peach contains oolong leaves as well as hints of rose and apple. This blend has a stronger tea taste than Eclectic Orange which brings a very calm and soothing sensation. I enjoyed drinking this iced-tea with pieces of fresh pineapple and peach which added a bit of natural sweetness to the drink. I find this tea very tropical which left me feeling fresh and detoxed! You could try adding some passionfruit to lift the flavours even more and give it an extra boost of sweetness and tanginess!

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I can’t wait to try more of Kettle Town’s tea range, that’s for sure…


T2 for us 2

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Tea. How great is tea? It is the most diversified drink. Whether you like English Breakfast or French Earl Grey in the morning, Jasmine or Peppermint mid-morning, Lemon and Ginger for lunch, Chai in the afternoon or a nice Chamomile Tisane by night – the chances are, what ever your cravings are they are likely to be satisfied by one of these flavours!

But wait… there’s more!

My younger brother bought be such a lovely gift this Christmas: the two packets of teas featured above from T2. Unlike in France (where I spent most of my Christmas seasons), Australia celebrates Christmas under the radiant sun as opposed to covered by snow. Therefore, one may think that tea may not be the ideal gift to enjoy in such hot weather. However, tea (once again) displays its versatility – and this time not only through its never-ending choice of flavours.

I bet most have you have heard of ‘Iced-Tea’ before? I am not only referring to the yummy drink from Lipton. Natural Iced Tea (made from fresh herbal tea) is divine. The two flavours which my brother bought me are amazing. Iced tea is such a simple way to refresh yourself with a drink that is more catchy to the tongue than plain water but that is not full of sugar like coke or the many commercialised ‘Iced Teas’ lying around in supermarkets.

I love making iced tea for my siblings now – they love it. I bet you would too. So if you’re not a tea addict yet, I would go easy on the Iced Tea (it’s addictive – in the best possible way)!

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Two days ago I walked into a Tigerlily store and absolutely fell in love with the bikini and shorts featured above. I really splurged myself that day as I bought all of these items at once! Needless to say – it was most certainly worth it. 

High waisted shorts are in fashion this summer. I find them more flattering than low hip-waist shorts and you can often wear them casually during the day or wear them at night with nice accessories like a cute top, bag and high heels. 

One golden rule which my mum taught me about shopping is to always think about whether you have clothes at home which would go well with the outfit or piece of clothing you are wanting to buy. Carefully marrying two pieces of clothing is the key to crafting a beautiful outfit. For example, I would wear the shorts I bought with many different things like cropped tops coloured black, white, red, blue (and even possibly light yellow); leather red bag and silky black singlet at night, red sneakers and bikini top during the day, etc. 

Happy mixing!